Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laughing Squid

A postcard design I did for San Francisco's Laughing Squid a few years ago-- I still have a small stash of them, so send your address for a freebie--


Two Sheds said...

I would love a postcard if you still have any.
My address is:
John McGraw
2100 John Barrow Road
Little Rock AR 72204

Jim Blanchard said...

You got it, John--

xtina r said...

Any left? I have postcards from loads of your competitors/friends/rivals/et.al & would revel in great joy to have your "Laughing Squid". I know it's a few years behind the original post but I have a slow internet connection cos I live in BORE (Nor) Cal.
Either way- Thanks in advance. Keep up the production & we'll keep up the consumption!

TA !

kristina rivas
13908 hood court
magalia, ca 95954