Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Here's a look at my piece for Roq La Rue's latest group show, "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright"-- I call it "The Tiger & The Princess"-- The price is $2000-- The show opens Friday, May 14, and is up through June 30-- Also in the show are Audrey Kawasaki, Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie, Lisa Petrucci, Isabel Samaras, Robert Burden, Jason D'Aquino, Nouar, Angelique Houtcamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang, Ann-Marie Manker, Yumiko Kayukawa, and Jaw Cooper--

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kinski / DTs at Boundary Bay May 29

Here's poster art for the KINSKI, DT's & BOSS RHINO gig at Bellingham's Boundary Bay Brewery on Saturday, May 29-- This show will also serve as a closing reception for my ICON SOUP art show in the Boundary Bay Bistro Room-- Sorry, but the print is sold out--