Monday, December 14, 2009

Vince Lombardi

Acrylic on board-- This portrait is doing double duty: it'll be featured on the invitation for the 2010 Dennis Eichhorn Super Bowl Party, and the original art was a birthday present for my father (a Packers fan from way back in the Ray Nitschke days) who turned 80 today-


dannyv said...

I grew up a Lions fan and the Packers, with Vince Lombardi coaching, were our perennial rival in the early 60s. The Lions have taken a different path since team ownership changed nearly 50 years ago now. You have to admire how such a small town like Green Bay, Wisconsin can support and sustain a professional sports team. You see how much they love their team by their hugs and backslaps for players jumping into the stands after scoring a touchdown. Football fans are the most loyal of sports fans in Detroit. I imagine the same holds true for your Dad and all the Packers fans. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Only the decades count.

Jim Blanchard said...

Thanks as always for the comment, Danny-- I spent a few years in Toledo, Ohio, as a kid, and was a big Detroit Lions fan-- Mike Lucci was my favorite player, for some reason-- I distinctly remember watching Tom Dempsey kick the 63 yarder to beat the Lions in 1970-- Too bad the Lions have been such a laughing stock for so many years-- I'd love to see them turn it around--

dannyv said...

That Tom Dempsey record setting field goal foreshadowed the Lions doom, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I recall the camera shaking from the crowd's reaction. Did you go to any Mud Hens games? Toledo has a pretty good art museum too.