Monday, August 10, 2009

Personality Parade Opens Sept.11

I'll have a dozen brand new Pop Cult paintings and who knows what else on the hallowed walls of Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle from September 11 till October 3-- All of the new paintings were done using a technique that simulates the grid effect of the "sticker paintings" I did for Roq La Rue years ago-- Check out the entire show online here--

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dannyv said...

Jim, You're probably familiar with these guys.

I left a post for them on the Forum page of their web site via Jim Jarmusch alerting them to your Lee Marvin piece.

I saw Roky last night, Devil's Night in Detroit, and we danced to the Fire Demon. He did all the songs you'd expect to hear in a Roky set and was in great form with a solid band to support him.