Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bikini Irony 101

The good folks at John Wiley & Sons, an esteemed Australian publisher, have seen fit to include an illustration from my GLAM WARP book in RETROSPECTIVE, their latest 11th grade History textbook! The art is used to illustrate a chapter on nuclear testing in the Pacific islands-- It even includes a sidebar question in which students can expound on the "message" of the artist-- What a wacky world!


Uncle Jesse said...

that's cool! hope my kid gets some textbook like that in 11th grade.
it would be funny to see what the kids write about that image.

dannyv said...

Artwork is the gift that keeps on giving. Skot Olsen did a commission for me based on a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, Annabel Lee. The editor of Graphics Classic Comics, Tom Pomplun used it for the cover of one of it's issues devoted to Poe. Tom also arranged for the illo to be used in a high school literature textbook. Sweet.

martin said...

very cool Jim. I love that piece on my wall. Thanks a bunch for selling it to me!!!

dannyv said...

You got a great piece, Martin. It should be used for a commemorative stamp.
See the girl dressed in a bikini
She doesn't know it but
She's dressed for the H-bomb

rick said...

WOW... That kicks some ass, Jim! Hell the only illustration work I ever did that was in a textbook were the ones I did while my teacher wasn't looking. Mostly Hitler mustaches and eyepatches though!

Jim Blanchard said...

Yes, Rick, I've done my share of Hitler mustaches and blacked out teeth! I remember the joy of discovering that I could ERASE ink in textbooks-- In no time I was creating nude versions of General Grant, Trish Nixon, et al!