Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Work Lair In Panoramic VR

Bradford Bohonus takes richly detailed panoramic photographs of all sorts of things, including Northwest artists in their studios-- The photos can be viewed with Quicktime or Flash on Bradford's website, and you can navigate around the the photo in any direction using your mouse and an on-screen cursor-- It's a total trip to play with and I must say a little terrifying to have such a precise 360 degree photo of my work space up on the web for all to see! Back off, man! This technology is very cool and so is Mr. Bohonus--


Uncle Jesse said...

wow, that photo technology is so "blade runner"!
glad to see some futuristic things actually happening.
cool to see your workspace, and that nice painting up on the mantle!

Dualtrack said...

I know Bohonus ... great to see him keeping busy

winky said...

dude! i own that nixon poster too!